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Company History

The year was 1957 and Fidel Castro had taken control of the island of Cuba and turned it into a communist regime. Jose Rodriguez had decided to take his family out of Cuba and move to the United States where the opportunities for work and freedom were still available. They moved into New Orleans were they settled down and stated to pursue their dreams.

Life was not easy, Jose found work at the Morrison Cafeterias processing plant where he would commute by bus until eventually he could afford a car.

In 1962 after putting together a small amount of savings, Jose moved his family to Miami. He established a meat wholesale distribution business with a partner, Pancho Bulnes. They wanted to give the new company an Anglo sounding name and decided to name it after the company that had treated him so well in New Orleans (plus they knew no other words in English) and thus Morrison Meat Provisions was born.

Jose was involved in a serious auto accident in 1966 and was hospitalized for close to a year. When he returned to work he decided to split with his partner and form a new company, Morrison Meat Packers. Morrison started producing dried beef and approximately 20 hams/day. Demand for the ham products steadily grew and soon outgrew the facilities capacity. The plant was relocated to a larger processing facility in North Miami. Production continued to grow in order to meet strong demand for their products. In 1989 the company began on site Federal Meat Inspection, which allowed it to ship across state line. In 1996 the company started producing fresh sausage in a separate facility after acquiring the rights to the Roman Brand trademark. Roman Brand is an established name that has been synonymous with quality fresh sausage in the South Florida market for the last 30 years.

After his death in 1991, Jose Rodriguez was succeeded by his son and daughter, Claudio and Gilda Rodriguez. The company was one of the first in the US to start using the cook-in-bag technology for cooked hams. The USDA inspected plant uses state of the art stainless steel processing equipment to insure the consumer gets the highest quality products possible. The plant is run under a U.S.D.A. approved H.A.C.C.P. program to maintain consistent quality control.

Presently, Morrison Meat Packers has a market outreach spanning many states. Its commitment to quality, food safety, and production efficiency ensures that it will continue to serve its customers with the high quality products they demand for many years to come.